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Fix Your Crooked, Discolored, & Infected Toenails Within Weeks!

use of Bavlio™ Nail Repair Treatment Gel

Bavlio™ Nail Repair Treatment Gel uproots molds, yeast, and fungi that grow in the cracks of nails and surrounding skin. The fast-acting medical gel penetrates to the core of nail damage, correcting deformed nail shape and removing yellowy keratin debris for healthy nail growth. 

Maximum-strength Formula Fungus Nail Treatment!

Bavlio™ Instant Nail Repair Treatment Gel is a medical gel designed to kill fungus, improve the appearance of nails damaged by fungus, and prevent fungus re-infection with a gel coating. Clinically proven to reduce discoloration, correct deformed shape, clean out yellowing or dark keratin debris, normalize thickness, and hydrate brittle nails.

Only 1 week for significant improvement! With continuous use, it completely cures nail fungus and regrows healthy nails generally within 3-4 weeks! Just apply Bavlio™ Instant Nail Repair Treatment Gel once a day to improve the appearance of infected/cracked nails. 

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This Medical Grade Nail Protector Gel Is the Answer To Your Problems

Imagine carrying on doing what you love without ever worrying about your nail-catching infections and fungus. Imagine having healthy-looking and clean toenails, all year long.

Formulated with clinical-grade ingredients including propylene, glycerin, and triethanolamine. The distinctive combination blots out even the most persistent fungi from your nails, so you no longer have to live with thick, discolored, and brittle nails – no matter how active your lifestyle is.


This gel is the Holy Grail for my nails!

I specifically waited 3.5 weeks to give a review for this product. For some reason, I've had fungus on my toes for years. I've tried EVERYTHING. Even went to the podiatrist and what they have me didn't work. Within 13 days of using this product it literally disintegrated the bad nail and the new nail has been growing. I don't usually write reviews (Ever) but this product is really amazing!“

- Charlotte S.



Eliminates deep-set molds, yeast, and fungi that grow in the cracks of nails and surrounding skin.

Fast Acting

Penetrative treatment gel to obtain visible results quickly within a few uses.

Pain-free Gel

No need to cut infected nails. Also, traditional treatments like oral antifungals may cause serious side effects, but Bavlio™ Instant Nail Repair Treatment Gel is a gentle, side-effect-free external application.

Clinically Proven Formula

Contains propylene glycol, glycerin, and triethanolamine which are effectively fastened the recovery of infected nails and degrade existing fungus.

how it works

apply in 4 steps

Step #1

Soak your infected fingernails or toenails in warm water every morning and evening to soften them

Step #2

Apply a small amount of gel to clean nails once a day. When the case is serious, you can use it twice a day.

Step #3

Use in the morning after a bath or shower, and/or again before night.

Step #4

Continue to apply until it has fully recovered. But even if treatment is successful, nail fungus often comes back. When you see trace of it coming back. Start applying once a again.

60 Days Money Back

We work hard to offer you the best, most popular, and highest quality products available in the market space. We back it up with a risk-free 90-day, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We send every order with tracking numbers and keep you up to date with the latest tracking information while your order is on its way to you.

freqently asked questions

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