Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)
Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)

Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)

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This silicone strips anti-wrinkle patches is the best non-invasive choice for smoothing out even the deepest of wrinkles. They have a strong adhesive backing, which makes them reusable. These strips are comfortable to wear and yet rigid enough to smooth your wrinkles. A pack contains 16 wrinkle removal strips.

Designed and manufactured to adapt to all face shapes
✓ Non-invasive natural wrinkle treatment
✓ Reusable, comfortable, & easy-to-use patches
✓ Smoothens, Wrinkle-free skin!


Made from medical-grade silicone, patches comfortably hug your skin, gently compressing it to stay flat and smooth. The doctor recommended this anti-wrinkle patch treatment intensifies hydration and supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

✓ REMOVES DRY AND WRINKLE SKIN - The skin naturally loses moisture and elasticity, causing dryness and wrinkles.
✓ PROTECTED HUMIDITY- This microclimate absorbs moisture from the lower layers of the skin for deep hydration, after removal you will see your skin more hydrated and radiant
✓ REJUVENATED SKIN- The skin remains more hydrated and stronger than before, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion.


QUICKLY REPAIR WRINKLES: it can quickly repair and prevent wrinkles caused by skin aging, side sleep, and even sun exposure, reducing your wrinkles, fine lines, expression lines, and creases, thereby helping you get smooth and firm skin

✅ LIFT AND TIGHT:  Using our face wrinkle patches can lift and firm your skin, also keep it moisturized and nourished, reduce various facial wrinkles effectively, such as eye wrinkles, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, etc

✅ MULTI-SHAPE DESIGN: Various shapes of face wrinkle patches are designed ergonomically to fit on your forehead, cheeks, eyes, and upper lip comfortably without falling off easily. You can enjoy a carefree skin care process

✅ SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY:  Our face wrinkle patches use a soft and comfortable silicone material, which is thin and clear, odorless, and non-irritating. It's reusable and easy to clean, reused up to 15 to 20 times

✅ EASY TO USE: Just apply silicone anti-wrinkle patches to the target area. For best results, it should be used overnight to smooth your wrinkles and fine lines perfectly. Clean it with water after each use and then dry naturally.


    1. Apply patches on cleansed skin
    2. After use, wash with cold water
    3. Stick them back on the sheet provided


    Size: 20*15cm
    Color: Transparent


    1pc * Bavlio™ Wrinkle Patches (16 Pcs)

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