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The Original BAVLIO Gesture Drone

The Original BAVLIO Gesture Drone

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Controlled by Hand Gestures

We have built the most fun drone ever! Fly, steer, and perform tricks by just moving your hand. Real life telekinesis.

Easy to Fly 

Because of the gesture control, our drone is extremely intuitive to fly. You'll be performing the coolest tricks in no time! This makes our drone perfect for kindling a passion for flight in your loved ones.


Infrared Obstacle Avoidance 

Our drone is easy to fly, but it also has a built-in infrared obstacle detection and avoidance function so you don't crash it into anything while you are flying it around.



30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If for whatever reason you are not happy with your drone, send it back to us within 30 days of receipt and we will fully refund you. No questions asked.

Inside or outside: Our drone's powerful motors mean that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Safe for children: All four of the drone's rotors are encircled by a robust frame separating the flight mechanism from the users of the Drone.

Durable: Sturdy design and a strong frame protects the drone from trauma caused by bumps, falls, drops, and other forms of blunt impact. Keep the good times flying.

Easy charging & long battery life: Alongside your drone, you will receive a charging cable compatible with any USB socket. Your Drone will charge to full capacity in just 30 minutes giving you 15 minutes of flight time.

24/7 customer support: We do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy. Please reach us via the contact page on this site.

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