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Bavlio™ Period Pad

Bavlio™ Period Pad

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A wonderful product for women suffering from severe cramps. I can't believe that I didn't know about this product! - Lauryn

Soothes Your Cramps In Just 3 Seconds!

Feel the warmth of 40-60 degrees, traveling across your stomach and relieving your period cramps.

Massage Your Uterus Hands-free!

The vibrations will soothes your cramps by helping your uterus relax. Adjust it to your liking with a click of a button.

Treat Yourself Anytime, Anywhere!

The lightness of the belt and its portable features let you soothes your cramps anytime at anywhere.

Soft Fabric, Adjustable Strap

Feel the delicate fur of the belt, designed for your skin. Adjust the strap to put the pad at your preferred place.


How To Use

The Belt Has 3 Heat Settings Ranging From 40-60°C Degrees And 3 Massage Settings.

Put The Belt On Using The Strap.

Press The Button To Turn On The Pad.

To Switch Between Heat And Massage Modes Press And Hold The Button.

Press The Button To Adjust The Temperatures And Vibrations.

Press And Hold The Button To Turn Off The Pad.

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